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Welcome to BUXSTEEL!

It is a pleasure  and a opportunity to introduce our company BUXSTEEL to you. I believe there is opportunities for both of us   to discuss some meaningful business opportunities in line with making some significant progress towards better, Measurable Service Delivery, Competitive pricing, Twenty four hours sales service and the Very Best Quality Products.


1)   BUXSTEEL, Mild and stainless steel coils and plates.

Stainless steel coils, sheets, angles, round, flat and square tubes

A.      Mild and galvanized sheets, angles, plates, round, flat and  

         square tubes

B.      Zintex and cromedeck sheets and coils

C.      Plate cut to size on request

D.      Palisade fencing and burglar guards 

E.      Reinforcing steel rods cut and bent

F.      Reinforcing mesh in coils and sheets

G.      Galvanized roof sheeting

H.      Mild steel mesh

I.       Galvanized steel gratings

J.       Fencing mild steel poles

K.      Structural steel works

L.       Plates cut to size on request

M.      Steel door and window frames galvanizes or painted

N.      Stainless and mild steel balustrades



2)     BUXSTEEL  Plumbing and Sanware products  

A.      Copper tubing

B.      Copper fittings

C.      Towel and hand rails

D.      Stainless steel toilet pans

E.       Stainless steel Urinals

F.       Stainless steel bed pan sinks

G.      Stainless steel kitchen sinks various sizes

H.      Hospital equipment

I.        Stainless steel slophopper

J.       Bedpan bottle racks

K.      Pee Traps

L.      Taps and Valves

M.     Stainless steel wash hand basin

N.      Stainless steel wash troughs

O.      Wash hand basins in ranges for schools and hospitals

P.       Half round wash troughs


3)   BUXSTEEL  Electrical Supplies

A.            Domestic Electrical

B.            Industrial Electrical

C.            Cables , Conduit 

D.            Power skirting, Trunking, PVC and Bosal

E.            All electrical accessories




4)   BUXSTEEL  Solar water heating systems

            A.      Mild and stainless steel geysers from 50 litres to 250 litres

B.      Pressure valves

C.      Temperature controllers

D.      Geysers from 400 to 600kpa

E.       Geyser Trays


5) Solar Panels
A. Range in various sizes 
B. Polypropylene model for low coast and costal areas
C. Antifreeze system designed for areas below sub zero temperatures
these units are designed for the retrofit market to work as a direct system 
D. Standard copper tube models for middle class areas

2) Under mount and over mount geysers
Units in ten, fifteen and twenty litres

3) Photovoltaic Panels
High efficiency multicrystal photovoltaic panels from 30 to 210 watts

4) Solarhot digital controllers
The SOLAR HOT has the following differentials
a Anti-freezing protection option for the solar collectors;
b Maximum temperature setting option;
c Sensors calibration option;
d Easy electrical installation;
e Bi-voltage (setting must be done manually) ;
f Sensors that can be stretched up to 200 meters;


5) Solar control Multi timer.
The MULTI TIMER has the following differentials:
a Digital Clock
b Maximum temperature setting option;
c Sensors calibration option;
d Easy electrical installation;
e Bi-voltage (setting must be done manually) ;
f Sensors that can be stretched up to two hundred meters
g Seven options of timers 



        Our Business Philosophy

BUXSTEEL has been blessed with a reputation for ethical, responsible business practices. Our founders, Mr and Mrs. Bux instinctively knew that great companies are built on the principle of doing the right thing each and every day, and treating business partners, customers, and employees honestly, fairly, and with respect.



Our Mission

We want to be the preferred supplier providing the most cost effective products and solutions




Our Vision

We want to manufacture and supply products that provide our consumers with cost effective quality solutions that supports the BUXSTEEL brand by focusing on manufacturing processes that will provide the best returns resulting in us being better that our competitors.




Our Values

To be professional in our approach while being innovative in our thinking and to always be courteous while continuously striving to provide an efficient and punctual service.